ICD 10 Code For Hematuria – R31

Are you searching for Icd 10 Code for Hematuria? If so, we’ve provided Icd 10 Code for Hematuria ICD 10 Code in detail, including indications, exclusions, as well as other information about the clinical.

What exactly is ICD 10 Code ?

ICD 10 is an international classification of diseases developed by WHO and is a worldwide employed diagnostic tool used to aid in health management, epidemiology and clinical applications.

ICD 10 is an alphanumeric code used to identify the illness it is a universal language used for recording the diagnosis, reporting and monitoring of conditions across the globe.

Recently, WHO has released ICD 11, the new enhanced version. It is possible to change Icd 10 Code for Hematuria ICD 10 to ICD 11 using the tools for coding or convertor.

What’s what is the Icd 10 Code For Hematuria ?

It is known as the Icd 10 Code For Hematuria is R31. This code can be used to identify Icd 10 Code for Hematuria related disorders. It is possible to check the excluded and inclusions to verify the diagnosis.

Exclusion of the haematuria

recurrent or persistent haematuria (N02.-)

About Hematuria

Hematuria refers to the existence of blood within one’s urine. Gross hematuria occurs the case when someone can see blood in their urine. Microscopically hemoturia occurs when a person is unable to see blood in their urine, but healthcare professionals are able to examine it under microscope.

Signs and Symptoms of Hematuria

It can be a sign of a persistent urge to urinate, pain or burning when you go to the bathroom, and very smelly urine. For some , especially those who are older, the primary indication of illness could be tiny blood stains in urine.

Treatment of Hematuria

Based on the cause of the hematuria, treatment may include taking antibiotics to treat an infection in the urinary tract and/or attempting a prescription medicine to reduce the size of your prostate, or undergoing shock wave therapy to break down kidney stones or bladder stones. In certain cases it is not necessary to treat.


If you are able to locate the correct Icd 10 Code for Hematuria ICD code. If you do, you must double-check it against the exclusions and inclusions. You may also look up another .Icd 10 Code for Hematuria related codes by entering for the name of the illness in the bar for search.

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