ICD 10 Code For Hypertrophy Of Breast – N62

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What is the ICD 10 code?

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Friends, ICD stands for International Classification of Diseases.

The WHO has developed the International Classification of Diseases, which is an internationally used diagnostic tool for epidemiology and health management.

ICD 10 is an alphanumeric coda for diagnosing disease. It is used worldwide as a standard language for reporting, monitoring, and recording.

What code is ICD 10 for Hypertrophy of Breast?

Friends, it’s time to talk about Hypertrophy of Breast ICD 10. The code is below:

N62 is the ICD 10 code that refers to Hypertrophy of Breast. This code can be used to diagnose Hypertrophy Of Breast disease. To confirm the code, you can review all exclusions and inclusions.

What is the inclusion of Hypertrophy Of Breast disease?

  • Gynaecomastia

Hypertrophy of breast:

  • NOS
  • massive pubertal

What is Hypertrophy of Breast?

Breast hypertrophy, also known as Gigantomastia, is a rare condition in which breasts grow too fast. It is common in people who were born to a female. You will experience rapid and unnatural breast growth if you have gigantomastia.

What are the main symptoms of hypertrophy of breast disease?

The most common signs of breast hypertrophy include:

Licesions or infection of the skin around your breasts, particularly under your breasts.

Your breasts pulling down on you can cause neck and back pain.

Poor posture.

Feelings in the nipples are lost.

Mastalgia (breast pain)

What is the best treatment of Hypertrophy of Breast disease?

Usually, virginal breast hypertrophy (VBH), is treated by surgical procedures. While surgery may be sufficient for some patients, it is not always the best option. The high incidence of recurrence makes reduction mammoplasty controversial.


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