ICD 10 Cm Code For Starvation Ketoacidosis -T73

Are you looking for ICD 10 Code for Starvation Ketoacidosis? If yes, we have described Starvation Ketoacidosis ICD 10 code in detail, with all inclusion, exclusion, symptoms and other clinical information.

What is ICD 10 Code ?

ICD 10 is an international classification of diseases, it is developed by WHO and is a globally used diagnostic tool for epidemiology, health management and clinical purposes. 

ICD 10 is an alphanumeric code for the diagnosed disease, it is a common language for recording, reporting and monitoring diseases across the globe. 

Recently WHO released the ICD 11, the new improved version. You can convert Starvation Ketoacidosis ICD 10 to ICD 11 with the coding tools or convertor. 

What is the ICD 10 Code for Starvation Ketoacidosis ?

The ICD 10 code for Starvation Ketoacidosis is T73. This code is used to diagnose Starvation Ketoacidosis related diseases. You can check all inclusion and exclusion to confirm the code. 

What Is Starvation Ketoacidosis?

Ketoacidosis can be described as a metabolic condition that is characterized by high levels of ketones in blood. Ketones are formed as your body is breaking down fat acids for energy, instead of carbohydrate.

The condition occurs when the body hasn’t had enough glucose as its primary source of energy for a long period of time.

Starvation Ketoacidosis Treatment

starvation ketoacidosis the safest approach to treatment may be to start providing carbohydrate whilst also considering the patient’s risk of other deficiencies and treating accordingly. In cases of treatment failure or hyperglycaemia, IV insulin can be added.

Starvation Ketoacidosis Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of starvation ketoacidosis can include :

  • lower muscle mass.
  • lower body temperature.
  • minimal body fat.
  • low pulse rate.
  • obvious bony prominences.
  • tooth decay.
  • sparse, thin, dry hair.
  • low blood pressure.


Hope you find the right Starvation Ketoacidosis ICD code, you must cross check it with all exclusion and inclusion. You can also check other Starvation Ketoacidosis related code by searching the disease name on the search bar.

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