ICD 10 Code For Abdominal Pain – R10

Are you searching for ICD 10 code in search of Icd 10 Code to treat Abdominal Pain? If yes, we’ve got this Icd 10 code for Abdominal Pain ICD 10 Code in greater detail, including symptoms, exclusion, inclusion as well as other clinical details.

What precisely does it mean? ICD 10 Code ?

ICD 10 is an international classification of illness developed by WHO and is a globally used diagnostic tool for healthcare management and epidemiology, and for use in clinical practice.

ICD 10 encodes an alphanumeric number that is used to diagnose the illness. It is a well-known language that is used to monitor as well as reporting conditions around the world.

Recently, WHO announced the ICD 11 ICD 11, the updated version. It is possible to change Icd 10 Code of abdominal pain ICD 10 into ICD 11 by using the coder and convertor.

What Is ICD 10 Code for Icd 10 Code for Abdominal Pain?

This ICD 10 Code employed to determine Icd 10 code for Abdominal Pain is R10. This code is used to determine the Icd 10 Codes for Abdominal Pain and related disorders. You can check for any possible inclusions or exclusions to confirm the validity that the code is valid.

Exclusion For ICD 10 Code Abdominal

ExcludesCode Number
Dorsalgia (M54.-)
Flatulence and related conditions(R14)
Renal colic(N23)

Other abdomen Pain related ICD 10 Codes

R10.0 Acute abdomen:-

Severe abdominal pain (generalized)(localized)(with abdominal rigidity)

R10.1Pain localized to upper abdomen:-

  1. Dyspepsia NOSE
  2. Pigastric pain
Name Of ICD CodeICD Code Number
functional dyspepsia(K30)
  • R10.2 Pelvic and perineal pain
  • R10.3Pain localized to other parts of lower abdomen
  • R10.4Other and unspecified abdominal pain

Abdominal tenderness NOS Colic:

  • NOS
  • infantile

More About Abdominal

The abdomen is home to many important organs, including stomach, small in the intestine (jejunum and the ileum) as well as the large intestine (colon) and the spleen, the liver and gallbladder, as well as the pancreas, the uterus the fallopian tubes, kidneys, the ovaries the bladder, the ureters and numerous blood vessels (arteries and veins)

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Icd 10 Code Abdominal Pain and symptoms

ICD-10 code ICD-10 Code. 10.9 for abdominal pain which is not identified It is an ICD-10 code which is an official diagnostic medical term as defined by WHO as a category of symptoms, signs and abnormal laboratory findings that aren’t classified elsewhere .


If you can find the correct ICD 10 Code to treat abdominal pain ICD code. It is important to examine its validity against exclusions and additions. You can also search for different Icd 10 Code For Abdominal pain-related codes by entering names of condition in the search engine.

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