ICD 11 Code For Anorexia – MG43.7

We have ICD 11 Code for Anorexia (ICD 11 Coding For Anorexia). This information includes all symptoms, exclusions and clinical information.

What’s the ICD 11 Code?

The WHO created ICD 11, an international classification of diseases. It is used for diagnostic purposes worldwide, including epidemiology, health management and clinical purposes.

ICD 11 is an alphanumeric code that indicates the diagnosis of a condition. It’s used to monitor, record, and report diseases all over the globe.

What code is Icd 11 for anorexia and bulimia?

MG43.7 stands for the Icd 11 Code for Anorexia. You can verify any exclusions or inclusions to confirm the code.


Loss of appetite


  • loss of appetite of nonorganic origin (6B80-6B8Z)
  • anorexia nervosa (6B80)
  • Decreased appetite (MG43.8)

What is Anorexia Nervosa?

People worry about their weight.

What are some signs and symptoms?

Anorexia may lead to many symptoms. These can be physical or emotional.

Food- and weight-related symptoms may occur, such as:

Image of an altered body

Low bodyweight

Extreme fear of getting fat

Excessive physical exercise

The denial and hunger

Fixation during food preparation

Unusual eating habits


The correct ICD 11 Code for Anorexia ICD Number has been found. It is important to cross-check the ICD 11 Code For Anorexia ICD number with all inclusions.

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