Parkinsonism ICD 11 Code – 8A00

Icd 11 Code For Parkinsonism are you searching? If so, we have provided Icd 11 Code for Parkinsonism ICD 11 code information. This includes all symptoms, exclusions, and clinical information.

What is the ICD 11 Code?

ICD 11 is an international disease classification, created by WHO. It is used worldwide for diagnostic purposes, such as epidemiology, health management, and clinical purposes.

ICD 11 is an alphanumeric number that denotes the diagnosis of a disease. It is used to record, report, and monitor diseases around the world.

What is the Icd 11 code for Parkinsonism?

8A00 is the Icd 11 code for Parkinsonism. This code can be used to diagnose Icd11 Code For Parkinsonism-related diseases. To confirm the code, you can verify all exclusions and inclusions.

Exclusion Parkinsonism

  • Myasthenia gravis or certain specified neuromuscular junction disorders (8C60-8C6Z)
  • Arthropathies (FA00-FA5Z)

About Parkinsonism

Parkinsonism refers to a condition in which a person experiences symptoms and brain dysfunction that are common with Parkinson’s disease, but also other symptoms due to another condition.

Parkinsonism Symptoms

Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

There are four main symptoms of Parkinson’s disease:

Tremor in the hands, arms, legs or jaw.

Muscle stiffness is when muscle remains contracted for a prolonged time

Slowness in movement

Falls can be caused by impaired balance and coordination

You may also experience the following symptoms:

Depression and other emotional changes

Difficulty swallowing, chewing and speaking

Constipation or urinary problems

Problems with the skin


You have found the correct ICD 11 Code For Parkinsonism ICD number. Please ensure that you cross-check it with all exclusions and inclusion. You can also search the name of the disease on the search bar to find other Icd 11 Codes For Parkinsonism codes.

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