Schizophrenia ICD 11 Code – 6A20

Are you searching for ICD 11 Code For Schizophrenia? If so, we have provided Icd 11 Code for Schizophrenia ICD 11 codes in information. This includes all symptoms, exclusions, and clinical information.

What is the ICD 11 Code?

ICD 11 is an international disease classification, created by WHO. It is used worldwide for diagnostic purposes, such as epidemiology, health management, and clinical purposes.

ICD 11 is an alphanumeric number that denotes the diagnosis of a disease. It is used to record, report, and monitor diseases around the world.

What is the Icd 11 code for Schizophrenia?

6A20 is the Icd 11 Code For Schizophrenia. This code can be used to diagnose Schizophrenia-related diseases. To confirm the code, you can verify all exclusions and inclusions.

Exclusions Schizophrenia

  • Schizotypal disorder (6A22)
  • schizophrenic reaction (6A22)
  • Acute and transient psychotic disorder (6A23)

What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia refers to a serious mental disorder that causes people to interpret reality differently. Schizophrenia can cause a combination of delusions and hallucinations. It can also lead to extremely disordered thinking that can make it difficult for people to function daily. Schizophrenia sufferers need to be treated for their entire lives.

Symptoms Of Schizophrenia

Delusions. These false beliefs are not grounded in reality. …

Hallucinations. These include seeing or hearing things that aren’t there.

Disorganized speech (thought) Disorganized speech can infer that someone is thinking disorganizedly.

Extremely disorderly or abnormal motor behaviour. …

Negative symptoms.

What is the best treatment for schizophrenia?

Medications. Antipsychotic medication is the most prescribed drug for schizophrenia treatment. They are thought to reduce symptoms by altering the brain neurotransmitter, dopamine.


You have found the correct ICD 11 Code For Schizophrenia ICD number. Please ensure that you cross-check it with all exclusions and inclusion. You can also search for the disease name using the search bar.

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