ICD 10 Code For Syncope – R55

Are you in search of Icd 10 Code for Syncope? If so, we’ve provided Icd 10 Code for Syncope ICD 10 codes in detail, including symptoms, including exclusion, inclusion and additional clinical information.

What’s the ICD 10 Code ?

ICD 10 is an international classification of illnesses, created by WHO and is a widely utilized diagnostic tool for health management, epidemiology and for clinical use.

ICD 10 is an alphanumeric code used to identify the illness it is a universal language used for recording, reporting and monitoring of illnesses all over the world.

Recently, WHO has released ICD 11, the new enhanced version. It is possible to change Icd 10 Code for Syncope ICD 10 to ICD 11 by using the coding tools or convertor.

What’s Icd 10 Code For Syncope? Icd 10 Code For Syncope ?

The ICD 10 Code for Syncope corresponds to R55. This code can be used to identify Icd 10 Code for Syncope-related disorders. You can verify all possible inclusions and exclusions to confirm the validity of the code.

Inclusion For Syncope

  • Blackout
  • Fainting

Exclusion For Syncope

  • neurocirculatory asthenia (F45.3)
  • orthostatic hypotension (I95.1)
  • neurogenic orthostatic hypotension (G23.8)


  • NOS (R57.9)
  • cardiogenic (R57.0)
  • abortion or ectopic or molar pregnancy (O00-O07, O08.3)
  • labour and delivery (O75.1)
  • postoperative (T81.1)

Other Syncope Related ICD 10cm Codes

  • Stokes-Adams attack (I45.9)
  • carotid sinus (G90.0)
  • heat (T67.1)
  • psychogenic (F48.8)
  • unconsciousness NOS (R40.2)

Syncope is what it sounds like? 

Syncope (SINK-a-pee) can be a different word that refers to fainting or falling asleep. A person is thought to have syncope if they are unconscious and limp and then recuperate. 

Syncope typically happens only once in a period of time, rarely ever and isn’t an indication of a serious illness.

Vasovagal syncope – Signs and symptoms

  • Pale skin.
  • Lightheadedness.
  • Tunnel vision: your field of view narrows so that you can only see the things in front of you.
  • Nausea.
  • Feeling warm.
  • A cold sweaty, hot sweat.
  • Blurred vision.

What is the most effective treatment for syncope?

If you need to immediately treat someone who has fainted due to vasovagal syncope, assist the person lay down and raise their legs into the air. 

This can bring blood flow back to the brain and the person will quickly recover consciousness. The patient should lay on the couch for a while following the procedure.

What is the Primary Reason for Syncope?

Syncope can also be described as”flooding” and “passing through.” It usually occurs because blood pressure has become low (a condition known as hypotension) and the heart fails to provide sufficient oxygen into the brain.


We hope you can find the correct Icd 10 Code for Syncope ICD code. You must double-check it against the exclusions and inclusions. It is also possible to check the another .Icd 10 code for Syncope codes by typing in the name of the disease in your search engine.

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