ICD 10 Code For Vascular Dementia – F01

Are you searching for ICD 10 Code For Vascular Disease? If so, we have provided ICD 10 Code for Vascular Dementia ICD10 code information. This includes all symptoms and clinical information.

What is the ICD 10 Code?

ICD 10 is an international class of diseases that was developed by WHO. It is widely used for diagnostic purposes, including epidemiology, health management, and clinical purposes.

ICD 10 is an alphanumeric number that denotes the diagnosis of a disease. It is used to record, report, and monitor diseases around the world.

What is the Icd 10 code for Vascular Dementia?

F01 is the Icd 10 code for Vascular Dementia. This code can be used to diagnose Icd10 Code For Vascular Dementia-related diseases. To confirm the code, you can verify all exclusions and inclusions.


arteriosclerotic dementia

Other Vascular Dementia Related ICD 10 Codes

Vascular dementia of acute onsetF01.0
Multi-infarct dementiaF01.1
Subcortical vascular dementiaF01.2
Mixed cortical and subcortical vascular dementiaF01.3
Other vascular dementiaF01.8
Vascular dementia, unspecifiedF01.9

About The Vascular Dementia

Vascular dementia refers to problems in reasoning, planning, judgment and memory that are caused by brain damage due to impaired blood flow. Vascular dementia can be caused by a stroke that blocks one of the brain’s arteries. However, strokes are not always the cause.

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Vascular Dementia: What Are the Symptoms?

These are the signs and symptoms of Vascular Dementia.


Trouble paying attention or concentrating.

Ability to think and plan less well.

Incapacity to analyze and develop a plan, as well as communicate it to others.

Slow thinking.

Organizational difficulties.

Vascular Dementia Treatment

It will often require making lifestyle changes such as:

Healthy eating habits are important to ensure a balanced diet.

losing weight if you’re overweight.

stopping smoking.

Getting fit.

Reduce alcohol consumption


You have to cross-check the ICD 10 Code for Vascular Dementia ICD codes with all exclusions and inclusions. You can also search for the disease name using the search bar.

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